More than just a caregiver.

Au Pair Jordan is the first Au Pair service in Jordan,We provide expat families with the help they need with their children, and also enable them to learn how to speak Arabic through their Au Pair through life lived rather than in a formal classroom setting. The program also enables young people in Jordan to gain valuable work experience which will be a great first step in their future working lives.

        Hassle-free after-school childcare

        Typically, our au pairs will be available to take care of your children from 3pm to 7pm, including taking them to after-school activities.

        We take care of all adminstration and payments with the Au Pairs including their insurance, social security and transport costs.

        Arabic acquisition through immersion

        Our Au Pairs are more than just babysitters, in that the whole time your child is going about his/her daily life, they will be learning a critical language that will prepare them early on for a successful future. Through this aspect alone, our service stands out in this busy market as our Au Pairs are not the ones learning the language, instead – we are teaching you.

        Au Pairs are vetted and trained by us

         All Au Pairs are thoroughly vetted by Done by Native. This includes  background checks and medical examination & references.

        Our au pairs are college students of all majors as we have agreements with local universities. Each Au Pair is trained intensively by Done by Native, to ready them for this experience, so that in turn we provide quality service.