Terms and Conditions

Au Pair Jordan is a service of Done by Native LLC (DbN)

Our Au Pair will assist your family with after-school logistics and will speak solely in Arabic to your children. All interactions between the Au Pair and your children must be conducted in Arabic.

You may ask your Au Pair to assist your family with:

  • Picking up children from school (using our Uber taxi account)
  • Taking children to after school activities (using our Uber taxi account)
  • Assisting children with homework (They are not certified teachers and we take no responsibility for the quality of this assistance)
  • Playing with children

Further, your Au Pair shall not, under any circumstances, be given household chores such as cooking, cleaning or doing laundry but they may be required to clean up after themselves in line with typical expectations of the children in your family.

Package: Your package of hours of Au Pair service may be used during the 3 month contract and may also be renewed for a further three months from the date of renewal. The Au Pair will be responsible for recording their number of working hours. If the number of hours is used up before the end of the contract, it may be renewed immediately. If all hours in the package have not been used by the end of the three month contract, the hours will expire. If you will be travelling for some of the contract, you may choose to freeze the contract during this time and the contract will then be extended accordingly upon your return.

Payment: Payment shall be made either in full at the start of the contract or in three monthly instalments at the start of each month of the contract. You are expected to make online payments direct to DbN. In addition to this, you will settle your Au Pair’s Uber Business bill at the end of this contract by a direct payment to DbN.